Dried Dates (khajur)

Dried Dates (khajur)

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Dried Dates

Dried Fruit Name: Dried Dates (khajur) Buy Dried Dates (khajur) Online from The Spice Market Dry fruit Store, Best place to buy dried dates in India. Dry fruits online shopping at whole sale price We ship all over India.

Health Benefits Of Dried Dates :

Dried dates have more vitamins and minerals that will help you regain good health.

Dates are rich in dietary fiber

Dried dates are a good snack for heart disease people. Dried dates Help fight bad cholesterol. Because Dried dates also low in calories.

Dried dates high in fiber and are a good source of energy, dried dates Help to perfect weight loss.

Dried dates also have a high calcium content, which can boost your bone health.

Dried dates are contain antioxidants and amino acids, which help to improving digestion, heart health and skincare.

Dried dates are also a good storehouse of energy. Dried dates are contain Glucose and fructose.

Dried dates helps to prevent hair problems.