Dried Guava

Dried Guava

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Product Name: Dried Guava Buy Dried Guava Online from The Spice Market, Whole Sale Price at Online Retail Shop We Ship All Over India. Other Names are Amarood, Koyya Pazham, Peraykka, Sibehaṇṇinakarada, Jama.

Dried Guava is a tropical fruit which is lightly sweetened with sucrose. Dried Guava is main ingredient in Chinese cuisine and Contemporary American cuisine. Dried guava is healthy and tasty snacks where you can enjoy this straight out from the bag. And it is also nutrition rich party snacks.

Dried Guava has a rich content of Vitamin C and Fiber. It is also has added nutrition values of Protein and Vitamin E.

Health Benefits Of Dried Guava

Dried guava helps in improvement of Brain health.

Dried guava helps in improvement of Skin Texture.

Dried guava protects against thyroid problems.

Dried guava Boost Your Eye Health and sight.

Dried guava helps to prevent Prostrate cancer and Breast cancer.

Dried Guava / Amarood Is Called:

Hindi - Amarood
Tamil - Koyya Pazham
Malayalam - Peraykka
Kanada - Sibehaṇṇinakarada
Telugu - Jama