Clematis bulbs wire lotus seeds

Clematis bulbs wire lotus seeds

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Clematis bulbs wire lotus flower seeds:

Product Type: Bonsai

Use: Outdoor Plants

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Classification: Novel Plant

Full-bloom Period: Spring

Type: Stem Plant

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Balcony

Function: Air Purification

Variety: Clematis Hybridas

Climate: Temperate

Applicable Constellation: Virgo

Style: Annual

Full-bloom Period: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Clematis propagation and cultivation:

Reproduction: sowing , layering, grafting , division or cuttings propagation can be


( Seeding ) : the original species can be propagated planting method. Cotyledon types of seeds ( achenes smaller , thinner rind ), such as planting in the spring , about 3-4 weeks to germinate. In the autumn sowing , germination time to go to a few warm . Leaving the soil type seed cotyledons (larger , thicker seed coat ) , to go through - a vernalization stage to germinate , the first pair of true leaves of birth ; Some species go through two low-temperature phases , in order to germinate , such as rotor lotus . Vernalization as 0-3 degrees Celsius with 40 days cold storage seed germination takes 9-10 months. Can also be a certain concentration of GA treatment.

( Layering ) : March of last year with a mature branches raw layering . Usually rooted in a year.

( Grafting ) : Jay a class of hybrid clematis hybrids, available in single scion split connection connected to the C.vitalba or C.viticella

rootstock . Section l-2 with the buds , under section 5 a long 10cm, heated and sealed in caskets grafting grafting , easy to promote survival.

( Ramets ) : bunch plants may tiller.

( Cuttings ) : Hybrid Clematis cultivars with cutting as the main breeding methods. July-August to take semi-mature branches, between sections ( ie, the interception down the middle two sections , with two buds in the previous section. Medium with peat and half sand.

Cutting depth of bud just above the exposed section . Bottom temperature 15-18 Celsius after rooting 3 -inch pots , a hotbed of anti-freeze in the winter or in the conservatory . 4-5 inch pots in spring change , out of the outdoor summer shade required anti showers , by the end of October colonization.

Cultivation :

( Planting time ) : After thawing in northern , central in April-May . Do not fill too tight around the roots by hand can be a little pressure . Top of the soil of potted plants and topsoil group to flush ; When planting bare root , shoot cartridges should be less than 5 meters from the surface .

Top cover after planting,Cover 10 cm thick peat or humus to avoid excessive heat in the summer roots , while keeping the soil moist throw into confusion.

Seedlings are a colonization is due. Spring and autumn can be transplanted . In the old branches with flowers such as clematis species category , rotor lotus , etc., for only slightly trimmed ; collateral on shoots or flowering clematis species such as hybrid classes , hairy leaves clematis , etc., then may be trimmed slightly heavier . Select sunny leeward punishable planting plants with soil ball.