Monkey Face Orchid Seeds

Monkey Face Orchid Seeds

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Monkey Face Orchid Seeds:

Product Type: Bonsai

Use: Indoor Plants

Brand Name: shean

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Classification: Novel Plant

Full-bloom Period: Summer

Type: Blooming Plants

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Living Room

Function: Refreshing

Size: Mini, Small, Medium

Variety: Orchid

Climate: Subfrigid

Style: Perennial

Cultivation methods of Monkey Face Orchid Flower Seeds:

Seed propagation. Early spring sowing in pots indoors. Usually chosen diameter 30cm, depth of 5cm planting pots or wooden boxes, covered with rubble films drainage holes, followed by adding coarse gravel third, one-third of coarse-grained soil cultivation, sowing soil third. Then, with a wooden bar will flatten the soil surface compaction and soil from the pots so that along 1cm. With "pots immersion method" After Pentu soaked pots made until all moisture penetration after sowing.

When planting, the seed bags open, directly thrown into the seed evenly basin; or seed mix with sand, and then evenly thrown into the basin. After sowing covered with a thin layer of fine soil, and then the disk covered with glass, and then covered with a newspaper on the glass, in order to reduce the evaporation of water. Before the seed sprouting, to keep the soil moist, not wet so suddenly seedbed suddenly dry, or too wet done. Sooner or later, the glass should be opened for several minutes, ventilation, daylight covered. Species unearthed in germination, the need to remove the cover in a timely manner, and gradually see the light, to be grow 1-2 true leaves, transplant that line.

Management is relatively simple. When the seedlings grow leaf, 1 nitrogen fertilizer applied; when grown to 2-3 true leaves can be transplanted. Zairu once immediately after transplantation among the flower beds. After transplanting to timely irrigated, so that roots and soil adhesion. Growing topdressing fertilizer 2-3 times, chasing the same time with the use of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium. See the dry soil usually see wet, can not appear waterlogging. Rain should be timely drainage waterlogging. High temperature, high humidity, poor ventilation, prone to aphids and other pests, should be timely spraying control. Purports flowering Coreopsis much to spend pluck stray after chasing a July-August fertilizer, National Day can leafy.