White with Pink Fuchsia Seeds

White with Pink Fuchsia Seeds

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White with Pink Fuchsia Seeds:

Product Type: Bonsai

Use: Outdoor Plants

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Classification: Novel Plant

Full-bloom Period: Spring

Type: Blooming Plants

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Courtyard

Function: Beautifying

Climate: Subfrigid

Applicable Constellation: Cancer

Style: Annual

Variety: fuchsia seeds

Fuchsia Seeds cultivation methods:

Seed propagation:

April sowing, the seeds were soaked in 40 Celsius warm water of 35 to 24h, taken 2 to 3 times the wet sand bar germination, cracks, etc. up to about 30% seeding. On the furrow spacing 21 ~ 22cm by ditching planting, soil 1cm, water once every two days, more than 10 days to emergence, autumn or spring transplanting 2 per 1h seed around 15kg.

Cutting Propagation:

Usually during the rainy season. In the summer and rainy weather, the election robust pest-free 1 to 2 years old branches cut into 30 ~35cm, put off the lower leaves as cuttings, with the cut with the use. On the selected lands, according to spacing 1.6m, 1.5m spacing digging, hole depth 16 ~ 18cm, 5 to 6 per hole cuttings, decentralized shaped oblique standing buried within the ground exposed 7 ~ 10cm, so, fill soil compaction (breathable permeable good sandy soil is better).

Cuttings should be noted that prior to the opening of branches root shade and avoid direct sunlight cause dry branches. Cuttings can also be used nursery; in 7-8 months, according to spacing 23 ~ 26cm, ditching, about 16cm deep, spacing 2cm, standing diagonally into the ditch cuttings, fill compaction, good permeability to air permeability the sandy soil of nursery soil, roots and the fastest, and can not easily be caused by bacteria against rotting branches. Water spray again after transplanting, after drought, watering every two days to one times, and a half or so that is able to take root, the second in the spri