Hydrangea Flower Seeds Blue

Hydrangea Flower Seeds Blue

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Hydrangea Flower Seeds Blue:

Product Type: Bonsai

Use: Outdoor Plants

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Classification: Novel Plant

Full-bloom Period: Summer

Type: Courtyard Plant

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Courtyard

Function: Air Purification

Size: Mini, Small, Medium

Applicable Constellation: Virgo

Variety: Hydrangea

Climate: Temperate

Style: Perennial

Potted hydrangeas commonly 15-20 cm pots. Potted plants are well watered after spring bud attention to ensure that the blade is not wilting. June-July flowering, fertilizer should be sufficient, every half moon fertilizes 1 times or use the "Hui" Friends 21-7-7 acid fertilizer. Eternal Summer shines through strong, appropriate shade to extend the concept of flowering. After removal of flower stems, that may produce new shoots. Color is affected by soil pH, acidic soil blue flowers, red flowers alkaline soil. Every spring Huanpen. Proper pruning and maintain a beautiful plant type.

Hydrangea hi warm and humid, intolerant of drought, but also avoid waterlogging; hi half shade environment, not cold, suitable for growing in fertile, well-drained acidic soil. Effect of soil pH on color hydrangea is very obvious, when the soil is acidic, flower blue; when the soil is alkaline, flowers red. Hydrangea with cultivated in acidic (pH4-4.5 appropriate) soil as well.

Hydrangeas like fertilizer during the growing maturity of generally thin cake water applied once every 15 days. To keep the soil acidic, it can be 1% to 3% of ferrous sulfate solution was added fertilizer application. Regular watering alum fertilizer, can plant leaf green Zhifan; bud of Adding potassium dihydrogen phosphate 1-2 times, can spend Seyan; cake fertilizer application should avoid hot summer days, so as not to incur pests and damage roots.

Hydrangea leaves hypertrophy, lush foliage, water demand more during the growing season of spring, summer, autumn, pour enough water to make the basin keep moist state. Hot summer weather, evaporation, in addition to pouring enough water, but also a day to spray the blade. Hydrangea root is fleshy roots, watering is not too much, avoid stagnant water pot, otherwise they will rot. After September, the weather becoming cooler, to gradually reduce the amount of water. Moved indoors before frost, room temperature should be maintained at about 4 degrees. Leaves should be removed before the burglary, so rotten leaves.

The plants should be placed indoors in winter sunny place, after the second year Guyu the room is appropriate. Hydrangea management is extensive, fewer pests and diseases, is easier to manage and ideal for the cultivation of potted flowers.