Pink Rose Flower Seed

Pink Rose Flower Seed

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Pink Rose Flower Seed

Product Type: Bonsai

is_customized: Yes

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Classification: Novel Plant

Full-bloom Period: Spring

Type: Blooming Plants

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Living Room

Function: Beautifying

Size: Small

Variety: Rose

Climate: Subtropic

Applicable Constellation: Capricorn

Style: Perennial

Take Planting Pots (with Drainage hole). Pour sand and potting soil, soaked with water. The uniform sowing the seeds with soil surface and then covered with a uniform 1-2 mm sand, sprinkling with water, cover with plastic wrap on the container, Placed in the shade. Before seed germination, ensure medium most. Easy too moist, depending on soil conditions quantitative watering, ventilation 2-3 weeks to germinate. Wait until the leaves grow after sprouting, open the plastic wrap to move it to the window to keep the sun exposure to promote growth. Saplings grow to be moved around 5-10CM seedlings, potted plants to keep a live strain sapling 1-2.