Red White Rose seed

Red White Rose seed

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Red White Rose seed:

Product Type: Bonsai

Use: Indoor Plants

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Classification: Novel Plant

Full-bloom Period: Spring

Type: Blooming Plants

Flowerpot: Excluded

Location: Balcony

Function: Beautifying

Size: Mini, Small, Medium

Applicable Constellation: Virgo

Variety: Rose

Climate: Temperate

Style: Perennial

Rose cultivation planting:

Rose likes the sun, cold, drought, are more waterlogging. Strict requirements on the soil, but in the fertile and well-drained neutral or slightly acidic sandy loam among the better growth . Roses grow lush, management easier. Spring with thin drinking urine poured around the roots, pay attention to watering and drainage summer, autumn can be applied around the root of some fertilizer. Reproduction is mainly used ramets, before germinating in March, or in the fall after the leaves can also be used layering or grafting rootstocks available rose or rose. Cutting method survival rate is not high, only occasionally used. Ill with roses can also seed propagation, can also be autumn sowing.

Cultivated areas:

Rose likes cool light enough growth environment, should be at least 6 hours or more a day of sunshine, flowers can be a good quality, and its optimum growth temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius, the temperature is too high, not suitable for the growth of roses, in addition, ventilation is also important, hot, humid and poorly ventilated environment easy to make rose plants suffering from various diseases such as black spot, powdery mildew and so on. Currently there are two nurturing place: garden and balcony. Garden planting to sunshine generally good place, at least throughout the morning sunny time to be integrated within 2-5 hours; selection drainage and well-ventilated place; transplant humus or compost mixed fully before. Drying generally take practical measures balcony ; laying curtain , do not place pots directly on concrete ; prevent clogging the gutters or leaks , but also consider nearby residents ; placed sunny in the morning 2-5 hour time in place . With soil: Suitable roses growing in the soil, you must have loose, good ventilation and good drainage that three major points. Sandy loam pot with soil available , snakes sawdust, vermiculite copy each to modulate , and exposed soil cultivation of roses , be sure to choose a location not water , the soil should be scarified before planting . For the garden planting, garden soil in order to improve the state of transplantation , transplant some places in digging , removing bad soil, in digging the place mixed with granular structure of humus and red jade and dried cow dung . Roses planted in place before the transplant new rose , rose may cause deterioration of the growth , in this case, to replace the new soil . To use the ruby flowerpot planting soil mix with humus soil dry cow dung , the proportion of mixed soil as described below , and a carbuncle soil 60% , 20% humus , dried cow dung 2 percent, if the use of market sales rose by culture soil , it is simple . Can also be used directly, in order to further improve the courage and drainage , water retention soil mix 2-3 percent of ruby use it , you can use the soil at their best.

Seedlings transplant:

Can be divided and transplanted in the garden planter boxes (pots) in the transplant Garden in the transplant point is: flower root balanced expansion to four weeks. In addition, when transplanted , absolutely can not join in with the soil fertilizer. After transplantation, to fully watered, before stabilizing in the roots, to make pillars to support the plant . Ready supplies have buckets, plastic gloves, leather gloves , pruning shears, pillars , string , name tags , a small shovel, leaf mold ( or compost ) , shovel , etc.