Marathi Moggu Small

Marathi Moggu Small

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Marati Moggu small is otherwise called caperberry, caperbush in English. It has a sharp interesting flavor furthermore include sharpness. It has unconventional fragrance and saltiness to comestibles.The kind of trick might be depicted as being like that of mustard and dark pepper. It is utilized as a part of South India extraordinarily in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in rice dishes like Bisi bele, pulao, additionally in arrangements of masalas. It is not eaten crude, but rather constantly dry, broiled and ground with different flavors before utilizing as a part of formulas.

Chettinad cuisine is known for the complexity of flavours. Most traditional dishes are loaded with pepper along with heavy use of local spices maratti mokku (dried flower pods). Marati moggu small is a spices mainly used in the biriyani masalas and rice bath dishes. It adds a extra flavor for the boiled dishes.