Pecan Nuts

Pecan Nuts

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Pecan Nuts

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Health Benefits of Pecan Nuts

Pecan Nuts Helps in Digestive Health

Pecan Nuts Helps in Weight Loss

Pecan Nuts Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer

Pecan Nuts Reduces Blood Pressure

Pecan Nuts Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Pecan Nuts Prevents Skin Problems

Pecan Nuts Anti-aging Benefits

Pecan Nuts Prevents Hair Loss


The pecan is a species of hickory native to Mexico and the southcentral and southeastern regions of the United States.

"Pecan" is from an Algonquian word meaning a nut requiring a stone to crack.

The seeds of the pecan are edible, with a rich, buttery flavor. They can be eaten fresh or used in cooking, particularly in sweet desserts. In addition to the pecan seed, the wood is also used in making furniture and wood flooring as well as flavoring fuel for smoking meats.

Pecans are an excellent source of manganese and a good source of protein and unsaturated fats. Like walnuts, pecans are rich inomega-6 fatty acids, although pecans contain about half as much omega-6 as walnuts.

Before European settlement, pecans were widely consumed and traded by Native Americans. As a food source, pecans are a natural choice for preagricultural society. They can provide two to five times more calories per unit weight than wild game, and require no preparation. As a wild forage, the fruit of the previous growing season is commonly still edible when found on the ground. Hollow tree trunks, found in abundance in pecan stands, offer ideal storage of pecans by humans and squirrels alike.