Datura Seeds (Oomatha Vidhai)

Datura Seeds (Oomatha Vidhai)

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Buy Datura Seeds Online from The Spice Market, Oomatha Vidhai Whole Sale Price at Online Retail Shop We Ship All Over India. Other Names are Dhatura, Thorn Apple, Stramonium, Jamestown Weed, Jimson Weed, Stink Weed, Datura Tatula, Locoweed, Devil’s Weed, Devil’s Trumpet, Angel’s Trumpet, Ummattam, Daturamu, Tolguacha, Pricklyburr, Moonflower, Malpitte, Mad Apple, Stechapfel.

The name Datura is taken from Hindi धतूरा dhatūra 'thorn-apple'. ultimately from Sanskrit धत्तूर dhattūra 'white thorn-apple' (referring to Datura metel of Asia). In the Ayurvedic text Sushruta different species of Datura are also referred to as kanaka and unmatta.

In Ayurveda, datura has long been used for asthma symptoms. The active agent is atropine. One of the most popular uses of datura in traditional medicine was as a boost for sexual energy, libido, and fertility. Although the exact pathway isn’t understood in this particular pathway, smoking datura has been connected with increased sexual energy. By immersing the seeds into water or milk, you can also increase circulation to the genitals, which increases fertility and the health of the sperm.

Datura Seed is Called:

Sanskrit : Kanak, Ummatta, Dhustura
Assamese : Dhatura
Bengali : Dhutura, Dhutra
English : White Thorn Apple
Gujarati : Dhaturo
Hindi : Dhatura
Kannada : Umbe
Malayalam : Ummam
Marathi : Dhatra
Oriya : Dudura
Punjabi : Dhatura
Siddha/Tamil : Oomatthai, Karuvoomatthai
Telugu : Ummettha, Erriummetta
Urdu : Dhatura