Isabgol Bee (Psyllium Seed)

Isabgol Bee (Psyllium Seed)

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Psyllium Seeds/ Isabgol seed

Isabgol seeds is Boat shaped, seed coats are white in color while the fleshy part is red in color because of which the seeds have a pinkish hue. After dipping in water the seeds swell up and become fragrant.

Psyllium seeds come from the big flower of the plant and the structure is very much the same as wheat. It has various beneficial effects including mild laxative, diuretic qualities, and cooling.

Health Benefits of Psyllium Seeds/Isabgol Seeds:

Its Natural Remedy For Diarrhea, Improves Digestion, Help to Weight Loss, Relieves from Acidity, Psyllium Seed could possibly help to reduce blood pressure.

Psyllium Seeds/Isabgol Seeds is Called:

Botanical Name : Plantago ovate
Sanskrit Name : Ashvagola, Ashwakarna
English Name : Ispaghula, Spogel seeds,Blond psyllium
Gujrati Name : Isafaghol
Hindi Name : Isabghul,nigdhabijah, Snigdhajirakah
Kannada Name : Issagolu
Malayalam Name : Karkalasaringi
Marathi Name : Isabgol
Oriya Name : Isapgol
Tamil Name : Ishappukol, Iskol
Telugu Name : Isapagola